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Quicke Multibenne XL

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Quicke Multibenne XL Multibenne XL

For allround grabbing and scooping in a larger format

Multibenne XL is a high volume implement suited to users who wish to fill the operating potential of their machines with up to 4ton capacity. The Multibenne XL is a perfect all-rounder implement that is flexible with bolt on side plates that can be removed depending on the season or use of the machine in different environments. The bucket part of the implement is perfect for handling loose feed as this is completely closed off so that material is gathered up. The high tensile strength profiled tines are mounted high so that bulk material is handled with ease, the top frame is made with profiles that increase visibility whilst the grab is open. The clean shell of the bucket means that material cannot get stuck or lodged in corners, minimizing contamination between feeds and reducing waste. All models benefit from a conical bucket bottom for fast emptying.

Multibenne XL
Sale Type
Multibenne XL Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm) Weight (kg) Capacity (m³)
190 190 94.5 65 615 1.00
210 210 94.5 65 670 1.16
230 230 116.5 80 881 1.74
250 250 116.5 80 932 1.85