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wheathearts X Series - X16 Swing Away Auger

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X Series

The X Series is the latest addition to the AGI Portable Handling line. With a precision engineered, commercial strength, scissor-lift frame and low profile hopper, the X Series offers unmatched serviceability and X-treme durability.

X16 Swing Away Auger

  • X16 up to 23,000 bph | 85' 105' 125'

Trussing & Frame

Large farm and commercial operations require heavy-duty, high capacity augers to get the job done fast. The X16 is designed to withstand the stress of wear and tear caused by high-volume grain handling. The industry leading steel trussing provides strength and stability to keep the auger and flighting straight and prevents bowing. This makes it easier to position and line the spout up with the bin cap opening. The A-frame works with the wide standing, extendable axles to keep the auger in position, while providing full bin reach.

Hopper + Hopper Lift Arm

For added convenience, the heavy-duty, high capacity X16 comes with an electric remote swing hopper. This allows for hopper positioning without leaving the cab or readjusting the truck – saving time with every load. The hopper lift arm and hopper can be positioned on the left or right hand side of the auger, offering the convenience of unloading from either side.

Maximum Capacity

Triple flighting in the hopper work with the tapered transition and boot to maximize capacity at all working angles by channeling the grain from the hopper to the auger.


Required for 1,000 RPM tractors to reduce the speed to 540 RPM required for an auger. The reversing feature allows the flight direction to be reversed for quick and easy clean-out, saving time when moving from one commodity to the next.

X16 Swing Away Auger
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optional features
  • Working Light Kits

When the sun goes down, LED working lights provide enhanced lighting conditions at the hopper, axle and tube discharge to bin.